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Go down  Съобщение [Страница 1 от 1]

1 Любим цитат от песен on Пон Авг 08, 2011 7:13 pm

Виери Айрис

girl, interrupted
Може да е цялата песен, а може и само определена част.

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2 Re: Любим цитат от песен on Чет Авг 11, 2011 11:33 am


eating?fuck it,i prefer dreaming
There are no unlockable doors
There are no unwinnable wars
There are no unrightable wrongs or unsingable songs
There are no unbeatable odds
There are no believable Gods
There re no unnameable names,
Shall I say it again?

I just want you ~~ Ozzy Osbourne

Take me down to the paradise city
Where the grass is green
And the girls are pretty
Take me home (Oh, won't you please take me home)

Paradise city ~~ Guns'n'roses

First day of love never comes back
A passionate hour`s never a wasted one
The violin, the poet`s hand,
Every thawing heart plays your theme with care

While your lips are still red ~~ Nightwish

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3 Re: Любим цитат от песен on Пет Сеп 02, 2011 1:23 pm

Мелани О'Стрендж

I wouldn't wanna be anybody else
I would give anything I own
Give up my life, my heart, my home
I would give ev'rything I own
Just to have you back again

Everything I own, Bread

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